About us

The ambition of a sustainable excellence.

Within the REOREV group, we are driven by our passion for the mechanical industry, performance and innovation, and our will to develop an increasingly reliable and sharp expertise, our wish to build in France a solid, creative and fructuous enterprise for its collaborators and clients, pioneer of the 4.0 industry.

2021 Goal: 340 people, €45M turnover.

To be and remain a leader of the industry, we have decided to intensify the growth of the group, enrich our teams with new jobs in order to build an ambitious and exciting company project. We develop synergies between our different activities to improve each of our expertise and free our clients from industrial constraints. Through our creative engineering and the animation of a progress dynamic, we’re aiming for top-quality performances.

Our profession: Mechanical engineering industry.

To be powerful industrial partner is to cooperate simultaneously in engineering, production equipment, tooling, manufacturing, assembling and supply chain. We are involved in the entire value chain in order to better tackle the challenges: techniques, innovation, quality, productivity, costs and deadlines.

Our approach is global, multidisciplinary, it improves at all times.

3 companies in synergy

Years of experience in mechanical industry


Number of employees as of January 15th, 2017


Years since the creation of the REOREV Group


Turnover in 2016 in millions of euros